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A True Stimulus To Help Homeowners Get Solar Panels
Obama Urges Homeowners To Take Advantage of Solar Power
April 14, 2015
A little known stimulus program that was passed in 2005 has been uncovered. The program is called the Energy Policy Act and it gives homeowners a once in a lifetime opportunity to get relief from their electric bills. This stimulus could help homeowners eliminate their electric bill and get a 30% tax credit simply by installing solar panels. President Obama is fighting to get this act extended, but as of now this credit will expire this year so it's important homeowners don't wait.
Homeowners can use solar panels to eliminate electric bills, to reduce their taxes, and to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment. Qualified homeowners who've had solar panels installed could be saving up to $14,000 in their first year and could be on their way towards eliminating their next 25 years of electric payments.

Power companies hate what solar panels and the government’s energy relief plan could do to them. Solar panels stop power companies from ripping off homeowners because these homeowners now produce their own power. In some cases these homeowners produce so much power that the energy companies actually end up having to pay them. The power companies hate this and they’ve been doing all they can to try and stop homeowners from taking advantage of solar power.

There are websites like that help homeowners find a company that can help them take advantage of solar power. is a completely free service that many homeowners love because it helps them easily connect to great solar companies. It only takes about 30 seconds to use their networks easy online form, and their trusted network of providers can help you calculate how much solar panels could save you. Connect with provider and see if you qualify >>
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